Lasting Power of Attorney Certificate Issuance

An LPA is a legally binding document that enables a person aged 21 years or older (the “Donor”) to appoint one or more individuals (the “Donee(s)”) to act on their behalf if they lose mental capacity in the future. The Donee(s) can be appointed to manage either personal welfare or property and affairs matters.

Having an LPA provides several benefits, including the ability to choose a trusted decision maker who will act in the Donor’s best interests and alleviate stress and difficulties faced by loved ones in the absence of an LPA. 

To encourage more Singaporeans to plan ahead and apply for an LPA, the OPG has extended the LPA Form 1 application fee waiver for Singapore Citizens until 31 March 2026. However, applicants must pay a professional fee to engage an LPA Certificate Issuer to witness and certify their LPA.

There are two types of LPAs: 

LPA Form 1, which grants general powers with basic restrictions to the Donee(s).

LPA Form 2, which grants customised powers to the Donee(s) and requires a lawyer to draft the clauses. 

The vast majority of Singapore Citizens who have made an LPA have used LPA Form 1.


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