Ingestion of Overseas COVID-19 Vaccination into the Singapore National Immunisation Registry

Online service to update overseas COVID-19 vaccination records. 

At S$27 Nett
No Clinic Visit Required

Turnaround Within 12 Hours

*Copy of NIR record will be provided to be presented to ICA officer during your ICA appointment*

The default payment mode is through credit card online (powered by Stripe Payments). 

We do accept payment through PayNow (do contact us if you would prefer to use PayNow). 

This service is applicable to:

1. Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents
2. Long-Term Pass Holders (e.g. Long-Term Visitor Pass, Work Permit, Employment Pass, S Pass, Dependent Pass, Student Pass)
3. Short-Term Pass Holders (intend to stay for >30 days)

Vaccinations done abroad can be added into your National Immunization Record (NIR) via our online service, provided you fall into one of two categories.  

1. Previous vaccination records already in NIR

If you already have an NIR record – either because you have been vaccinated in Singapore, or because you have had previous vaccinations verified and uploaded, we can update your record by verifying the QR code of your vaccine certificate. 

2. Vaccinations done abroad with a certificate that is digitally verifiable

Individuals who do not meet the above requirements will need to present themselves to a clinic physically for blood-based serology verification.

Required Documents

We will need a photo ID, stating clearly the name and ID of the person. For clients who are here for a short stay (eg. Tourists), we will need a picture of your passport showing the information page.
For clients who are here on a long term visit pass, we will need your Singapore-issued NRIC, FIN card, or in-principle approval document. 

We will also need the vaccine cert, showing : 

1. Vaccine brand
2. Vaccine dates
3. Lot numbers (Optional) 
4. QR code for authentication. 

We typically take less than 12 hours to upload the information into your National Immunization Record. However, in the event that the documents received are incomplete, we will communicate with your via email to obtain the required documents. 


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